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Black is the new black

DE: Der Kopf ist voll, die Gedanken unsortiert. Es gibt Vieles, was ich mir am Liebsten von der Seele schreiben würde. Einfach so, einfach drauf los. Es gibt viel Gesagtes und noch mehr Gedachtes. 

Manchmal kommt die Zeit, an der man einen Schritt zurück machen sollte. Ein einziger Schritt genügt. Nicht Mitten im Geschehen zu sein, sondern etwas außerhalb, um sich das Gesamte besser betrachten zu können. Hätte ich einen Rotstift zur Hand würde ich vermutlich so einige Korrekturen vornehmen - Dinge eben, die mir missfallen....


EN: My head is filled with thoughts, unsorted.  So many things I wanted to write straight from my soul. Just like this, just doing it. So many said things and more thought.

There comes the time, where we all need to take a step back. Only one step is enough. Not being right in the middle of the event, a bit more outside to get a overview of the happening. If I had a red pencil I guess I would make some corrections. Things, which I disapprove of...


  1. True, what you've said. Sometimes one small step back is enough to clear our mind and to not be so overwhelmed by other things.
    Thanks for your nice comment, means a lot. And of course we can follow each other, just lemme know :).
    Gorgeous blog!


  2. You write beautifully! Love your LBD...I like the whole look in this post actually.
    Thanks so much for visiting Classy Ever After. Yes, it will be nice to keep in touch. I'm following now.

    XO, Gina

  3. These pics and what you write are amazing, so deep...
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    have a great day

  4. was für tolle bilder! ich liebe dein piercing!
    maren anita

    FASHION-MEETS-ART by Maren Anita

  5. You are beautiful, hope you'll get your head in order.

    / Avy

  6. Of course! I follow you :* now your turn. I love your blog, you look great <3

  7. pretty dear =) would you like to follow each other? =) just let me know =)

  8. Nice post, I love the way you write :))
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    Keep writting so cool as now!

  9. Hi dear
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  10. i love this set of pictures
    you're so thin darling ! you look flawless


    Coline ♡

  11. great pictures- love the black & white look.

    Lots of love

  12. Du solltest mehr abseits von Mode und Beauty schreiben. Dringend. Lass die Seele den (Rot)Stift führen. Erwartungsvoll, M.


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